How to make your own almond milk

1 12 2014

Since I’m allergic to cow milk and I don’t like soy milk, I need to take almond milk instead. And since almond milk is too expensive, now I’m making my own almond milk. Here’s how:

1. Take 1 cup of almond (I use peeled almond).
2. Soak it in a glass of water and leave it for 8 hours.

3. After 8 hours, dispose the water.
4. Grind the almonds with 3 cups of water.

5. Strain the almond milk. (Note: the grout can be used as flour substitute for baking)

6. Voila! Your almond milk is ready to drink!

Remember to consume this immediately or at least to be stored in < 10C degrees for 3 days.




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15 08 2015
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[…] together in the jar and mix em all: 3 cups (7,5 tbs) of Rolled oats 150ml of milk (I use homemade almond milk ) 1 tbs of creamy yoghurt 1 tbs of chia […]

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