6 01 2017

Pregnancy 101
The Normal Pulse Rate During Pregnancy
By Lisa Weber Aug 16, 2013

Pregnancy brings about many changes in a woman’s body. Included in those changes may be your pulse rate, which increases during pregnancy. According to Baby Fit, a resting pulse rate is different for every woman, and is based on your level of fitness before pregnancy and your age. Your doctor will monitor your pulse rate throughout your pregnancy, and may make recommendations in your care accordingly.

What to Expect
Your normal resting heart rate will be higher during pregnancy. According to KidsHealth, a pregnant woman’s heart rate increases during pregnancy to pump more blood. As more of her blood supply goes to the uterus, her heart works harder to send enough blood to the rest of the body.

Normal Rate
A pregnant woman’s normal pulse rate depends on several factors, according to Baby Fit. These include her age, fitness level, and health before getting pregnant. However, a typical resting heart rate for an adult woman is 75 beats per minute; when pregnant, that same woman can expect her resting rate to be approximately 80 beats per minute. (Ahh.. so my 78bpm RHR is considered normal, thank God – E)

It used to be that pregnant women were advised not to allow their heart rate to go above 140 beats per min during pregnancy. However, in 1994, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology changed its recommendation because there was no evidence that a heart rate greater than 140 beats per min was harmful for the mother or baby. Instead, pregnant women should use their perceived rate of exertion to measure intensity, and aim to exercise at a level that allows them to carry on a conversation while exercising. (Ha! guess I’m ready for a Z2-Z3 course! – E)

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