Hotel Review: Turtle Beach Hotel, Ujung Genteng

29 01 2017

This is the hotel where we stayed at the Turtle Beach (Ujung Genteng). The name is Turtle Beach Hotel. The place is nice & clean. The unit has 2 identical bedrooms with a big living room & balcony. There’s no water heater in the bathroom (well, who needs a hot bath in a hot beach, right?). You are not allowed to cook in the hotel, but they provide you a gallon of water on a hot water dispenser & a fridge in your living room for your refreshment needs.

There are 3 rounded-swimming pools, and those are clean, don’t worry! The beach is totally safe for children, because it’s a coral beach. 

The only objection I have for this place is only the food, especially their free-breakfast-buffet menu. But hey, there are lots of small restaurants & warungs (street vendors) by the beach nearby with bargain price that can meet your needs! Make sure you try the famous fresh grilled fish on your trip in Ujung Genteng. Have fun!

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